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Social Video in the New Year

December 29th, 2011

As the new year quickly approaches, it’s time to look back at what 2011 has seen, and look forward to what 2012 will bring. As we look back, we can see that one area that has rapidly grown and will undoubtably continue to do so throughout the new year is social video.

Social video allows for a company to create unique content that goes beyond traditional advertising to further engage with an audience across multiple platforms. As they are “social,” these videos can be shared amongst viewers to create a viral campaign.

Hundreds of companies have started up their own social video projects, and we can definitely expect to see many more join the trend in 2012. With increasing competition, brings increasing innovations. In “What’s in Store for Social Video in 2012?” Chris Schreiber names five of these innovations that he predicts will be trending in the upcoming year. They are:

1. Integration of original branded content into broader marketing campaigns

2. More organic video experiences on sites

3. Improved earned media science

4. Widespread adoption of cost-per-view pricing

5. Dedicated social video budgets

Will 2012 be the right time for your company to take the leap into social video marketing?

Read Schreiber’s full article for more information on social video in 2012 at Mashable.com.

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