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Friday Flashback: Boston Nocturnal

March 16th, 2012

On July 6, 2006 DivergingSoul Media Production officially opened it’s doors.  Shortly after that time, our team began working on a project called Boston Nocturnal.  Boston Nocturnal was “your digital guide to Boston nightlife and music”.  The show came in the form of a bi weekly web video that contained interviews with bands and DJs as well as bar and club tours.  We formulated the rough idea for Boston Nocturnal in the Summer of 2006. After doing quite a bit of research and with some production guidance from Bob Gifford of Gifford Productions, we set out to make Boston Nocturnal happen.

Alongside Brian & Matt, DivergingSoul Media enlisted the help of Zach Pentoney who played a huge role shooting and editing episodes and handling the show’s website. Julie O’Connor (now Julie Trueira) became the show’s star by hosting each episode doing both in studio and on location shoots. Our  team ended up producing nine episodes of Boston Nocturnal during the Fall and Winter of 2006.  The show gained a solid following and we soon crafted a business plan to take Boston Nocturnal to potential investors.  Unfortunately we did not find any investors or advertisers to continue production of the show. We halted production of Boston Nocturnal in early 2007 in efforts to focus on growing our business at DivergingSoul Media Production.  Though Boston Nocturnal didn’t garner the success we had hoped for, it produced many wonderful “learning experiences” and of course many great memories.  We recently stumbled across some old materials and episodes from Boston Nocturnal and thought it would be fun to share them with you.  Take a trip down memory lane and visit the Boston Nocturnal You Tube Channel to see all of our old episodes and to all of you who supported us during our Boston Nocturnal days and continue to support us today,  THANK YOU!


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